Welcome GetThemAll Receiver!

Welcome GetThemAll Receiver!

Downloading files to your tablet or smartphone but don’t know how to send them to your computer? Sure, you can always resort to cloud data storage services – but there’s a much simpler way too! Just download the new version of GetThemAll, install GetThemAll Receiver on your computer – and you will be able to send files from your mobile devices to your computer over a WiFi connection.

You can find a detailed GetThemAll Receiver user guide here.

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  • Luciene
    Posted 27.02.2016 02:06

    No. I use the Morgue notebooks to store rearsech material I might want to refer back to. For example, each quarter Fortune publishes a comprehensive list of analyst estimates. Saving these allows me to go back and see how accurate (or inaccurate) certain analysts have been.

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