New Nimbus Note for iPhone — web-cliper and timeout for passcode

New Nimbus Note for iPhone — web-cliper and timeout for passcode

Nimbus Web Clipper now in iPhone

Saving various information from the internet is one of the most popular features in Nimbus Note. While special separate clippers are used for desktop browsers, we decided not to make a separate app for iPhone, packing the clipper right into the app itself.

By tapping on the Web-clipper icon you get to our browser and can open the internet page  you need. At that point you can:

— Save an article from a site (similar to Pocket or Instapaper);
— Save just the selected text fragment;
— Save a screenshot of the internet page;

You can also set folder and tags for your future note.


You can set time-out for the pass code feature.

The pass code feature is undoubtedly useful if you do not want for anyone else to gain access to your notes. But it may not be very convenient to be asked for the pass code every time when opening the app. In the new version of Nimbus Note you can set the pass code timeout yourself.

Download Nimbus Note for iPhone —

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  • John inBoulderCO
    Posted 30.09.2016 03:51

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  • kuzmasaf
    Posted 02.10.2016 15:18

    Hello, John

    Do you mean Nimbus Note or Nimbus Screenshot?

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