Live Start Page — living wallpapers for Google Chrome

Live Start Page — living wallpapers for Google Chrome

We are excited to announce the release of our new app Live Start Page — a unique start page for your browser with live wallpaper.

Besides live wallpaper, the app comes with the following features:

— To-Do — Create new tasks, mark the completed ones and always remember what you need to do.

— Speed Dial — a convenient panel of sites that lets you quickly link to your favorite online resources.

— Clocks — No explanation is necessary. Numerous settings and templates let you add more variety to your start page.

Download Live Start Page —

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  • sonya kelly
    Posted 05.02.2016 21:05

    the live start page is fab,it realy livens things up,speed dial is fab too,all the live b,grounds are amazing,for me it,s the best site so far,the colours,movement,is realy amazing,keep up the (great work) thanx,twinky1251

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