Live Start Page Pro

It will soon have been a year since the appearance of Live Start Page. All this time we have been working hard to make your work more efficient and pleasant at the same time. Working on the app requires a lot of resources and investment, which is why we decided to introduce a special paid plan. It will cost only $1.99 a month. At this point the cost of subscription is usually compared to some other merchandise (like a movie ticket), but the cost in this case is so low, we did not even find anything that comes even close 🙂

Download Live Start Page — https://livestartpage.com

Live Start Page — a superb way to relax

When was the last time you had some real rest?

The kind of rest when your whole body relaxes, from your brain down to every muscle… The kind of rest that provides welcome distraction from work. The kind when you are filled with positive emotions and new impressions…

There aren’t too many people among us that can afford to take a real vacation several times a year… In the meantime, doctors strongly recommend taking good care of yourself and replenishing your natural resources regularly. For that to happen we need to have some rest every once in a while, especially considering the hectic time we live in. It’s much more useful to take short frequent breaks rather than long and rare ones.  That way you could avoid a nervous breakdown or a state of emotional exhaustion.  Neither of those, as a matter of fact, responds very well to any known form of treatment…